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Have you ever considered a cosmetic surgery alternative? With all the celebrity horror stories about facelifts gone wrong, it certainly made me think twice about having cosmetic surgery! When I was making preparations for my 50th birthday, I decided I wanted to lose weight. There’s an old saying in the United States that, after middle age, it’s either “your face or your fanny,” meaning if you lose weight from your backside, your face can end up looking too thin and old. I know you have seen middle-aged women who are slim and trim but their faces look old, haggard and tired. I wanted to lose the weight but not look older in the process.

As we age, gravity takes its toll on our bodies, and especially our faces. Wrinkles might add character, but sagging skin around the eyes and cheeks just makes us look OLD.  That’s where many people opt for a surgical facelift. As you can see from the before and after photo of Joan Rivers, that’s not always the best option to keep you looking truly young.

Not only that, but the idea of surgery on my face was terrifying to me, and that is why I started looking for a cosmetic surgery alternative.

Natural Facelift Exercises

When I googled cosmetic surgery alternatives, I found something called the “natural facelift.” What many don’t realize is that there is a natural alternative to a facelift. I found out about a wonderful product that teaches you how to add that youthful “lift” back to your face without having to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. That is Carole Maggio’s DVD and book, “Ultimate Facercise.” Through a series of exercises, this method shows how you can re-train your facial muscles, fight the effects of gravity, and regain those youthful contours to keep your skin young looking and healthy.

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But Do Facial Exercises Work?

One of the questions you might ask is do facial exercises work? In my experience, the facial exercises that I have used for the past 15 years have made a huge difference in my appearance and self-confidence. Once you learn how to do them, the exercises become second nature and can be done anywhere.

How Do Facial Exercises Make You Look Younger?

As Carole Maggio demonstrates in her Facercise program, it’s important not to just exercise your body to keep the muscles toned, but to pay attention to toning the muscles of your face too. There are more than 40 muscles in your face, and if you don’t tone those muscles, it’s no wonder they grow weak and begin to sag after middle age.

In the Facercise program, Carole Maggio focuses on the main trouble spots. She instructs how to do facial exercises for sagging jowls to create a more defined jaw line, facial exercises for eyes to look brighter and more alert, facial exercises for your cheek muscles to give that sculptured high cheekbone look, and much more. There are even facial exercises that focus on your throat and neck to get rid of the “turkey neck” that comes with age and dieting.

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Another cosmetic surgery alternative is the microcurrent skin toning device. If you have ever considered using a microcurrent skin toning device to get youthful looking, firm skin in a hurry, you can find out more about it here.

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