Smoking is a No-No for Your Skin!

best skin care for women over 50,

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Why is Smoking Bad for Your Skin?

The photo at right might seem funny, but really it’s quite true. How can you look younger when smoking does permanent damage to your skin? If you really want beautiful skin when you are older, you need to stop smoking now!

When you smoke, you inhale by-products from the burning process: carbon monoxide is one of the most lethal of the bunch. When carbon monoxide enters the lungs and the body tissues, there is no room for oxygen, so oxygen is pushed OUT. By inhaling cigarette fumes, that pink healthy glow you have when you are young will disappear. Eventually your skin becomes sallow (yellowish), with poor skin tone and slow healing of sun damage. This leads to premature aging, and your face will show it.

Skin that is well oxygenated stays pink and healthy–not just your skin, but all the tissues of your body need oxygen to help them heal. Without life-giving oxygen, skin cells can’t repair themselves and lose their elasticity. Smoking is really the worst thing you can do if you want to keep looking and feeling younger for life.

Now you understand why quitting smoking is probably the biggest and most important thing you can do to look young and stay healthy. Of course it’s best to do like I did and never start smoking but if you already do smoke, there are products available to help you quit, including Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

The author makes no recommendations based on personal experience with any of the products. Please take time to read the accompanying reviews to determine which product will work best for your personal situation.

 The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking (Hardcover) Vice Breaker: Stop Smoking Within 30 Days A Meditation to Help You Stop Smoking (CD)


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best skin care for women over 50