Why It’s Important to Get Enough Sleep

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Having Trouble Sleeping or Just Having Trouble Sleeping Through the Night?

For your skin, it’s important to get enough sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, you already know it’s important to get enough sleep. What you may not realize is how having trouble sleeping relates to healthy and youthful skin. If you don’t get good restful sleep, your skin will show it. You probably often feel you never get enough sleep, because you’re working, taking care of the kids, doing housework and paying bills, even staying up late to watch TV or be on the computer. One thing that happens when you don’t get enough sleep is it takes its toll on your appearance, and you look tired and drained all day. It really is important to get enough sleep if you want youthful and healthy skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This article is based upon my personal preferences for products that I use or have used. Please consult your health provider before using any of the featured supplements.

Below are some natural supplements for sleep and other techniques I have found helpful to obtain a good, deep and restful sleep.

Natural Sleep Aids: Melatonin

A natural sleeping aid, melatonin decreases in production as we age, so often older people will have problems sleeping. I’ve found that melatonin is the answer to my difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. You may find that natural products may take a little time to start working, so don’t be surprised if you don’t notice the effects right away. A natural sleep aid, melatonin is inexpensive and effective and can help you get a good night of sleep naturally.

What are the Side Effects Taking Melatonin?

Because it’s a natural supplement, there is no worry about feeling “drugged” or becoming dependent on melatonin—it’s non habit-forming and takes effect quickly. Melatonin is a safe alternative to prescription sleep medications. It might take a little while for it to work on you but after a week or so of regular use, it puts me to sleep quickly and I feel like I got a good night’s sleep the next morning. Some people notice a little puffiness in the face upon awakening after taking melatonin, but it resolves quickly and is not noticeable. I don’t know what percentage of people dream in color, but the only side effect for me is that I have the most vivid and colorful dreams, and I wake up feeling so rested! That never used to happen before taking melatonin.

Because having problems sleeping at night will show in your complexion, once you start sleeping better with the help of melatonin, your skin will look more healthy and glowing because your body is well rested for a change.


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Many people swear by l-trytophan to help them sleep. Of course, you can get this essential amino acid from protein, such as eating a turkey sandwich or drinking a glass of milk before bed. For some of us, that’s just not practical. If you have trouble getting to sleep or not getting a restful sleep, there are natural supplements available that can help. These l-tryptophan sleep aids are one of the best ways to get to sleep using a natural supplement instead of relying on prescription medications.

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Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

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Sometimes, you can’t sleep because of anxiety. You just can’t quiet your mind down enough; you can’t figure out how to get to sleep with your mind working overtime, trying to solve the day’s problems. There is a technique that I learned in yoga class; I use it when my mind doesn’t want to turn off, or when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. While you are lying comfortably in bed, slowly draw in your breath just as you would normally do. This time though, focus on how your chest feels, how your abdomen feels, as you pull the breath down inside. Keep visualizing, pulling your breath down to your pelvic area and then visualize it evaporating and moving down and out of your body. Deep breathing is a great tension-reliever for any time you are feeling restless or stressed.

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Another method of how to get a deep sleep is relaxation tapes for sleep or music to make you sleep.

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There are even Adult Coloring Books to help you relax enough to fall asleep.


 Turn Off the Lights!

Blackout Curtains for Bedrooms

To block out ambient light and help me get enough sleep, I love my blackout curtains, especially since I live in the city. You can find easy to install pleated blackout shades here.

A Tip for Better Sleep

Studies have shown that quality sleep and the body’s natural production of melatonin is only possible to obtain when it is pitch-dark. Turn off the lights when you sleep, buy blackout curtains if necessary to block outside light, and, by all means, quit looking at the TV, computer, or smart phone for at least two hours before you plan to sleep. All of these devices emit a “blue light” which fools the brain into thinking it’s still daytime—it’s no wonder you can’t sleep if it seems too bright.

The following are some more recommendations to help you get enough sleep.

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More Sleep Tips for Insomniacs

I like the room to be quiet when I sleep, but there are many ways to help insomniacs sleep and one of those is background sound, or “white noise.” This may be relaxing music or even the sound of machinery running in the background. It’s an individual choice, and some people enjoy the sound of a fan motor or the rushing of wind. Several types of machines have been developed to mimic these sounds, one of the most popular of which is the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner which creates the sound of “white noise” providing the soothing sensation of moving air, and blocking unpleasant noises which may disturb your sleep.

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Best Selling White Noise Machines for Sleeping


These are just a few of the methods you can try to help you get a restful sleep. By getting enough sleep on  a regular basis, you will soon notice your skin beginning to look healthy and young again.

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